This place is a godsend for celiacs.  I drove here from Boston for the first time and had no idea what to expect.  The Boston cream pie was out of this world and everything was safe. Plus, I got 2 loaves of bread for less than $17. Will be back… like every month!


This place great. They are a gluten-free persons Paradise. I have a gluten allergy and have not had a decent sandwich in over a year. The turkey club was amazing, the roll was flaky and soft and tasted like bread. The pastries look amazing too. Well worth the drive.


Best gluten free bakery and restaurant in the Boston area. Amazing salads and soups. Their oatmeal cookies are yummy. Love the seasonal pound cakes. Best gluten free lasagna I have had.


Too often we ordered food related to gluten free or food sensitivity’s and the food is not good. At Twist the food is not only geared toward these things, it is simply delicious! I was out to dinner and the waiter asked me what kind of bread I wanted, I said the gluten free.. the bread was the best bread I ever had. I double checked with the waiter and he not only confirmed it, but informed me it came from Twist!!


Phenomenal!!! We have food allergies and this little cafe accommodates us so well and is so delicious.


We had the black bean burger, and to drink we ordered some of their homemade raspberry syrup to mix with sparkling water, and everything was super delicious.  One of our black bean burgers came with oven fries and we couldn’t get enough of the homemade ketchup at every table.  The owner obviously has an amazing attention to detail.  Well done.


I’ve been GF and exploring bakeries for years. Twist is the best GF bakery around. I drive an hour just to eat here! The baked goods don’t fall apart and taste excellent. And the sandwiches… oh my yum! Or weekend brunch – yes please! They have a wide variety of food so there’s always something fun to try.


This place is amazing. Everything on their menu is gluten free, nut free. There are so many options on their menu and there are items that are dairy free, vegan and yeast free. The food is amazing, we tried their steak sandwich, meatball panini and Buffalo chicken tenders. Everything was awesome. Staff was super friendly and very knowledgeable about how things were made.


We loved it!! Relaxed atmosphere, great food and tons of coffee options. We also loved the bakery … especially the apple bread. Kids menus. Family friendly. We’ll definitely be going back.


I just ate there for brunch yesterday – OMG what a fantastic find. I haven’t been able to eat dairy and gluten for 8 years, and have never, ever found a place where I could let loose and eat pretty much everything. I understand you may be expanding – which is great news for so many people all over the country! Too bad you can’t reach them all.


This is our weekend fave breakfast spot! Having only recently moved to MetroWest, thrilled to find a cafe that offers such yummy vegan options for my husband. Candidly, we usually load up on enough vegan pastries for the week! The staff is so friendly and everything we’ve tried has been delicious. Great coffee too, and the vegan apple muffins were out of this world. A real gem!


Since moving to New England from AZ, Twist is the only place we frequent weekly & bring goodies home. They offer a wide & delicious selection of GF foods. Some of our favorites are the chicken pot pie, apple hand pies, lemon bars & English muffins. Kathryn does an excellent job and the staff is always smiling. It is worth the drive for us for the yummy food we know is 100% GF.


Luckily fell into Twist Bakery by accident when trying to find an allergen free cake for my niece’s first birthday. Bought the cupcakes to try and loved them, so we decided to go on with ordering the cake. Delicious and safe for her! Everyone was SO impressed by how delicious the cake was (since they heard it was allergen-free they were very skeptical). The owner went above and beyond to deliver it to me day-of the party so I could transport it over and hour away. She was so kind and super helpful. Will be visiting again for sure!


This place is a godsend for anyone with celiac or other sensitivity. My young daughter has celiac disease, so we have been to many gluten-free restaurants from coast to coast. Twist is doing it right. From the fantastic breads and muffins to the hearty meals, everything we tasted was fresh, delicious, and was not crumbly like most GF fare. Please franchise this model nationwide!

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Twist Bakery & Cafe
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Melanie Vagnini
Melanie Vagnini
posted 1 month ago

Twist is a great place. Everything is gluten free and nut free. Many items are also dairy free. The food is great and the people are friendly. I also heartily recommend holiday ordering!

Michael Caplan
Michael Caplan
posted 3 weeks ago

Variety was great and the food was excellent! One of the best GF lunches I have had. I heard about this place years ago, but never made it since it's not on our way to anywhere, but now we would make a special trip just to enjoy the wonderful little place. Definitely can't wait to try breakfast!

Donna Allen
Donna Allen
posted 3 months ago

I needed a quick lunch and Twist was right there, so I tried it. I know most people go in for the coffee and pastry. I read that they are the NUMBER ONE gluten-free bakery in the country. They also offer plenty of gluten-filled products. I got a chopped salad, and it was very good, as was the coffee. Order at the counter then choose a table. I will definite;y go back. The place was extremely busy at noon on a Saturday. Mostly take-out coffee and bags of pastries.

Maddie Conway
Maddie Conway
posted 2 months ago

Amazing place. I can't wait to visit again and have lunch. Friendly staff and comfortable, quiet space. If you served their pastries and didn't say anything, no one would be the wiser that they're gluten free, and I'm a picky lifelong baker. The pumpkin hand pie knocked my socks off.

Jenn Sturm
Jenn Sturm
posted 3 months ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Everything here is delicious! Got my birthday cake here this year and it was so fresh and tasty. Just a simple vanilla cake with chocolate frosting but you can tell they use great ingredients! In go there often for lunch too. The bread they make in house is wonderful! It is hard to turn away from that bakery case!

Handcrafted. Quality Ingredients. It’s just what we do.

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